How’s the Market in Harvard MA on September 3, 2014

With 10 homes having sold in the last month and another 15 under agreement, the real estate market in Harvard appears to be humming along.

The price of the homes that closed during the last 30 days ranged from $320,000 to the $775,000 for 21 Depot Road, which brought $45,000 more than its original $730,000. These sold figures closely mirror the list prices of the 15 homes now under contract, which range from $395,000 to $749,000.

Notably, buyers are not flocking to homes in the upper tier of the market, which in Harvard spans from $899,900 to $2,450,000. Based on recent market trends, those high-end properties may linger a while before they are sold. Two listings in this bracket–6 Schoolhouse Lane @$899,000 and 55 Oak Hill Road @ $1,250,000–were both cancelled during the month of August, perhaps suggesting that the respective sellers had become restive.

Here’s a graphical summary of the homes currently on the market in Harvard:


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