Home Valuation

home valuationWhether you’re just considering the idea of a move or you have to relocate very soon, the answer to that question will be a key determinant of your future plans.

You need an agent you can count on to give you the straight story about the value of your home, one who can accurately assess its eventual sales price and give you a projected timetable to the closing, so there’s no guessing.

An agent who will use home staging techniques to ensure that your home is ready for prime time.

An agent who hires a pro to capture your home’s space and best features in eye-catching photographs, rather than scrimping on marketing costs by shooting it herself.

An agent who won’t run out of steam after your home’s been on the market for a few weeks, but will keep pursuing prospective buyers until the job is done.

An agent whose experience makes her a calm but savvy negotiator, able to bring a deal to fruition without alienating the people who love your home and want to live there someday.

What is my home worthIn short, you want an agent who will be as careful and precise about preparing and marketing your home as she would be if it were her own.

An agent like me.

If you’d like to learn more about what I can bring to your home-selling experience, I hope you’ll contact me.  Let me show you what I can do for you, whether you want to put your home on the market next week, next month, or next year.

Or just fill out this form, and I’ll be in touch.

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