Does Your Home Have Sought-After “Hidden Gems?”

ActiveRain_Hidden_Gems infographicActiveRain recently polled more than 1500 real estate agents (I was one of them!) to ask which home features should be “included in the price” and “worth every penny.”

The results can help prospective sellers hone their marketing efforts to highlight attributes that are sometimes not even mentioned in a home’s description. Almost 70% of the agents who responded rated “amazing views” as a highly desirable and not-so-hidden gem. Sixty-six percent identified “great schools” and “a new roof” as buyer magnets, while 50% said that homes that backed up to “green space” were worth more.

In terms of the most valued interior features, 39% of the agents surveyed mentioned granite countertops as home enhancers, and 20% cited “nicely finished closets” as buyer pleasers.

Among the often-overlooked hidden gems were “green” upgrades to enhance a home’s energy efficiency, hardwood floors disguised under wall-to-wall carpeting, and the intangible good fortune of moving into a home blessed with good neighbors.

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